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The main purpose of the skin is to serve as a protective shield for your insides against infection, disease and environmental elements such as the rain, wind and the sun. Your skin is also a significant part of your appearance as it is the largest and most visible body organ. If you are having a problem with your skin such as you notice that your wrinkles are getting thicker, or your skin is becoming more saggy, you can make an appointment with a professional to get it checked out.

A professional specializes in improving the appearance of the face and body without engaging in plastic surgery. These medical specialists work within the field of Medical spa advising their patients on the skin reactions to makeup products, fragrance and other factors that may affect the skin. The following are some of of the examples of the treatments that we provide:

Skin tightening 

Veins removal 

Intense pulse light for Rosacea treatment 

Removal of Aging spots 

Improve pore size 

Excessive sweating 

Skin pigmentation 

Skin tightening 

Laser hair removal 

Obagi Peels 



Botox for removal of wrinkles

Micro needling

Juvederm for volume lose

The skin solution obagi nu-derm system with fx penetrates below the surface of you skin to transform skin cell functions at the cellular level and correct the damages within. The prescription strength system exfoliates old skin leaving healthy, new skin that looks and acts younger and healthier. Your friends and family will notice the difference in your skin early on, continued use of the system will reveal clearer, firmer, more even toned skin.. whether you have hyper pigmentation, ace, acne scars or aging skin look no further no other system compares. 

The field of Medical spa covers four areas: prevention, diagnosis, cosmetic procedures and surgery. If you are having issues with your skin, ,a professional offers their patients options in treatments such as topical creams and medicines. They also do treatments on the skin to improve the way the skin looks or provide early control of disease. You can also receive cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels, laser treatments for skin tightening ,acne rosacea, removal of veins and birth marks to help improve how the skin looks due to unwanted fat cells or skin damage by disease, sunlight or aging. 

You can visit a professional if you are suffering from skin conditions like hyper pigmentation. This condition is also known as acne scarring, which not only looks but feels uncomfortable, as you feel self-conscious even walking down the street . You can ask your Medical spa provider to provide an examination for you or your child to determine the best approach to treatment. 

If you need the service of a Medical spa provider to address any of your other concerns, we will see our best what we can do for you. You can get the treatment you need to end the years of embarrassment and discomfort of your skin condition. 

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